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                     [title]: Biography

                                  Oxygen Records was created by Trance/House Producer Oxygen on October 2001. Thank to International Coders.

                                  Born: 26 January 1985

                                  City: Russia, Moscow

                                  Lives: Israel, Tel-Aviv

                                  Education: High School

                                  Influences: DJ Tiёsto, Armin van Buuren

                                  Hobby's: MP3, Clips, Movies

                                  Girlfriend: nobody

                                  Pet: Cockroach :)

                                  Loves: Winamp :)

                                  Hates: Terror, Drugs

                                  Holidays: Moscow, St. Petersburg

                                  Sport: Basketball

                                  First Release: First Breathe

                                  Best Remixes: Sylver - Turn The Tide

                                  Best Release: Sense of Nothing

                                  Favorite Records: Black Hole

                                  Favorite Movie: Brave Heart, Terminator II

                                  Favorite Television Program: Cartoon Network

                                  Favorite Drink: Coffee

                                   Favorite Colour: Black, Blue

                                   Favorite Food: French

                                   Favorite Holidays: Somewhere cold, wind and raining

                                   First thing I do when I wake up: Going to bathroom

                                   Who is my heroes: DJ Tiёsto, Antiloop, Armin van Buuren

                                   Colour of Hair: Brown

                                   Colour of Eyes: Blue/Grey

                                   Height: 1.87

                                   Weight: 60

                                   First CD Ever Bought: Zemfira - P.M.M.L. 

                                   Favorite Band: Antiloop

                                   Favorite CD at this Moment: DJ Tiёsto - In Search of Sunrise II

                                   Favorite CD of all Time: DJ Tiёsto - In Search of Sunrise II

                                   Favorite Clothing: Club Clothing

                                   Favorite City: Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow

                                   Favorite Actor: Mel Gibson, Jim Carry

                                   Favorite Car: Mercedes, Peugeot, Volvo

                                   Biggest Wish: To be Professional DJ and Music Producer

                                   Brothers/Sisters: 1 Sister

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